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Full on fall

This weekend we played with leaves, picked up pinecones and enjoyed those last rays of sunshine before it got too cold to stay out. And then we went inside and helped ourselves to warm mugs of hot apple cider. Milk for the little one, who will be two in a couple short months. In my eyes, he is still so much a baby, but when I look at these photos, I can also see a boy. Oh, how I wish time would slow down. Happy fall to you all!

Five reasons why we love you, Dada

You’re always willing to play. You make the best animal noises. (Much better than mom’s.) We have great adventures together when it’s just the two of us. You will read “The Foot Book” to me 10 times in a row in that funny accent. You kiss me goodnight, every night. These are only five out of a million. Happy father’s day, we love you!

When inspiration strikes

…grab hold of it. I hadn’t planned on spending 10 minutes crouched over my neighbor’s flowers with a macro lens on a sunny Sunday afternoon. But there I was, taking pictures for the heck of it. A part of me thought, “you really need to do this more often.”