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Early fall at the farm

It’s October. When did that happen!? I can understand if a couple of days get past me, but c’mon, where did September go? I was shocked when I went to the farm last week and realized we only have several more weeks of Even’ Star Farm‘s fresh produce. Here’s my one and only regret about the farm – I couldn’t go as often as I would’ve liked. Otherwise, it was lovely. Here’s a sprinkling of photos that I took the last time I was there. Happy fall!

Bustling farm

Even’ Star Farm is bustling this time of year. Lots of new life on the farm (even a baby goat!). The nice thing about taking photos of the farm is that it’s constantly changing. On any given day, she never looks the same. It’s a photographer’s dream! Here are some of my favorite shots from last Friday. Tomatoes and green bell peppers. I can’t wait to get my hands on both. Hydrangeas, lavender and more flowers. Baby goat! This fuzzy  little guy was hopping around for me. Pollinators hard at work. In other news, Jay and I are three days away from vacation!! TPS was kind enough to give Jay a “summer break,” so we’re escaping California, Md., to visit California, the state. We’ll get to see our good friend and my fellow phoblogger Natasha. I can’t wait. The camera batteries are charged and ready. :)

Farm fotos

Here’s another installment of Even’ Star Farm photos. FYI, I am loving this. This past Friday, I picked up more stir fry vegetables, napini and Earliglow strawberries. The strawberries are the most flavorful berries I have ever eaten. At this point in the season, the farm is busy transplanting its summer crops. Lots of action, except from Buster, the dog. :) Asiatic peonies in bloom. They are beautiful. Transplanting cucumber plants. Buster is hard at work. It’s a tough life.

Even’ Star Farm

If you like fresh veggies, flowers and eggs, I highly recommend signing up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership to a local farm. You are not only supporting local agriculture, but you reap the benefits of receiving ultra-fresh foods and getting exposure to veggies you’ve never seen before. It’s definitely a win-win. Jay and I became CSA members with Even’ Star Farm this season, and we love it. In the past two weeks, I’ve brought home baby bok choy, onions, arugula, collard greens,  sweet potatoes, stir fry vegetables and pastured eggs. And it gets better. I get to take photos for the farm. !! I’ve asked the wonderful owners of Even Star if I could photograph their farm, and they said yes. I’ll be documenting the farm throughout the season and sharing my favorites on the blog. It allows me to give back to the farm, and I hope it will inspire you to join a CSA. Enjoy! Two baby geese! Bonus photo… Here I am “working in the fields,” taken by Jeff with his brand …