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Daisy | one!

Babies = wonderful. And having friends with babies around the same age is equally wonderful. Please meet Miss Daisy Anne, a dear friend of Quentin’s. Daisy recently turned one, which in case you didn’t know, is a great occasion to take some photos. A few of my favorites of this sweet gal… Isn’t she the cutest??

Surprise tulips

Never underestimate the gift of flowers. They can brighten up a room and your spirit. Extra points if they’re a surprise and for a birthday. :) Thank you to my sweet friends who gave these to me as a birthday gift. I was going to hoard them, but they’re too pretty to keep to myself. Here’s hoping spring is just around the corner!

Terrific two

Our nephew, Cameron, turns two in a couple of days, but we had an early celebration last weekend. He is, in one word, amazing. You will notice that Elmo is a running theme this year. Or as Cameron would say, “Elm-y.” Captain and Jay hard at work building Cameron’s Cozy Coupe. “Fire-twuck.” Melts my heart. Bailey looking a little tuckered out. “Happy to you!” The cookie monster takes on the Elmo cupcake. And aren’t those the happiest smiles you’ve ever seen? Playing baseball with Pap. And yes, the bat does look bigger than him. The Neal clan and the Neal boys with their cool shades. Happy birthday, Cameron! We love watching you grow. Love, Aunt Jen & Uncle Jay

Maryland birthday

First of all, thank you for all the sweet and thoughtful birthday wishes. I had a wonderful birthday, which started with my parents spontaneously traveling to Southern Maryland from Pittsburgh to see Jay and me. Dad and his girls, minus my sister Angela. It was the sweetest surprise. Tonight I celebrated my birthday with friends with some cake, but it wasn’t your ordinary birthday cake. Allow me to introduce the Smith Island cake, official state dessert of Maryland, which consists of 6-12 thin layers of yellow cake filled with chocolate fudge icing in between. This bad boy even had the state seal on it. Jay and I were taken aback when the pastry shop said an 8-inch cake could feed 10-12 people. Supposedly the cake is so rich that the average person cannot eat a normal-sized slice. Hellooo there. Official verdict: it was delicious. And do you want to know what else is official? I have the greatest friends and family surrounding me. Thank you for making my 26th birthday a special one.