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Full on fall

This weekend we played with leaves, picked up pinecones and enjoyed those last rays of sunshine before it got too cold to stay out. And then we went inside and helped ourselves to warm mugs of hot apple cider. Milk for the little one, who will be two in a couple short months. In my eyes, he is still so much a baby, but when I look at these photos, I can also see a boy. Oh, how I wish time would slow down. Happy fall to you all!

Throwback Thursday

Looking through old photos tonight and wondering to myself and now to you – how did we get here? Did all of that time really fly by? Quentin is a year old now, and quite the lively little man. This past week has been so cold outside that we must wear our winter jackets before leaving the house. I sit him down on the first step and say “Peanut, it’s time to put on our coat. Please hold out your arms.” Sometimes he listens and cooperates. The rest of the time, he is off the step and already headed toward the kitchen to ponder whether today is the day to knock over the cat’s water and food bowl. Thankfully, when I get to him, he has paused in mischievous contemplation, his plans thwarted for another day. And just like that, I’m a mother to a little boy. Well this mother is looking at baby photos and can’t help but share some. At 2.5 weeks old, he sure did make a good nap buddy. Cue the heart-eyed emojis here. …

Daisy | one!

Babies = wonderful. And having friends with babies around the same age is equally wonderful. Please meet Miss Daisy Anne, a dear friend of Quentin’s. Daisy recently turned one, which in case you didn’t know, is a great occasion to take some photos. A few of my favorites of this sweet gal… Isn’t she the cutest??

Family slice of life

Gratitude. That is what I feel for my friend Amanda who saw me through the hard days of fresh motherhood. Her gentle wisdom helped boost my confidence during a time when I was unsure of everything. And so it seems a little unfair that I’ll have to say goodbye to her as she and her family are moving away soon. But before that happens, we got together, and I snapped some photos of them in their beautiful home. Here are a few of my favorites… Cheers to friends, exciting new beginnings and supporting one another. You will be missed around here! love, Jen

Sunday Park with the Pies

I love visiting the Pie family and spending time with my goddaughter. During this past visit, Abby showed me her big girl room, sat me down for tea, served me pizza and made me rock her baby doll to sleep after giving her milk, hugs and kisses. She makes me laugh! Here are some snapshots of this beautiful growing family… Abby says “goodbye!” The next time I see you Pies, I’ll get to meet Little Pie! Being excited for you three is a huge understatement. Lots of love, Jen