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Austin, let’s be friends.

Spring break 2022, you were long overdue for so many reasons; and despite that, Austin still lived up to the hype! We chose Austin as our destination for warmer weather (at least we had hoped), and to reunite with dear friends. Here’s our trip in an absurd amount of photos. :) Austin, thanks for a wonderful, too-short spring break. We’ll be back! In the meantime, what are some other worthy family destinations?

One year ago pre-pandemic

Nearly one year ago, we spent our spring break in the City of Brotherly Love. We did not know then the meaning of socially distancing or masking up. It is almost comical that we traveled to a largely populated city right before the world shuttered down. We even cut our trip short because news of our university telling students not to return from spring break was the first real hint that this global pandemic was to be taken seriously. Looking back at these photos almost feels like studying a relic. A year later, I am missing the old normal. And those soup dumplings from Dim Sum Garden. And the fresh peking duck from Reading Terminal Market.

Old Town through new eyes

Five days away with the kids. Someone fetch me a gold medal because I honestly feel like I earned it.  :) Jay and I took the kiddos to one of our favorite haunts, Old Town Alexandria in Virginia. It seemed like ages ago when I worked in a small office on King Street, pre-kiddos and pre-husband, so it felt like a reunion of sorts introducing our kids to this familiar-to-me town. We enjoyed slipping into the city lifestyle for the short time we were there, soaking in the sights and sounds (thank you, blaring fire truck during that one nap time…). Here are a handful of my favorite snaps from our trip – enjoy!


After years of Chicago staring at us from our bucket list, we finally get to check it off. But not without thanks to our dear friends, Paul and Melina, who decided to have their wedding close by and to our amazing family who watched Quentin for us while we spent the weekend away. Thank you! Here was our weekend in a couple of snapshots… A drive-by shot of Wrigley Field. Where can you park around there?!The John Hancock Center  was surrounded in clouds when we arrived, so no observatory for us. Womp womp.  We left for the D.C. airport at 4:30 a.m., so when we finally made it into the city, we were understandably pretty hangry. Uno Pizzeria & Grill to the rescue…  Pizzas apparently take 35-45 minutes to make, so you can order up front while you wait for a table to open. I’m usually a thin-slice pizza kind of gal, but I must admit this deep dish won me over.   I don’t even want to tell you how much we paid to park in this garage for …

Coastal Maine

“‘Someday’ happened.” — A sign above the garage of a home overlooking the Atlantic coast in York Harbor, Maine. Have you been to coastal Maine before? It’s a beauty. Last fall, my husband planned and booked a trip there for the two of us to celebrate our five-year anniversary. I’m not one to brag, but I have to say he scored prett-ay high in the husband and father categories last year. I’m a lucky lady. We stayed in York Harbor, but by the end of our trip, had added 715 miles to our rental car’s odometer. Here is what we did… The Stage Neck Inn bed and breakfast became our home base, and it sat right at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Hard not to ponder life’s biggest questions when this expansive view is in front of you. Maine and lighthouses go hand in hand, so we set out to find one. Erected in 1879, the “Nubble Light House” at Cape Neddick Light Station was no disappointment. An hour north, we got out of the car and …